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New Year New Me?

Hey all, long time no talk!!!!

I have to admit things this year haven’t been going well, I’m hating my job, I feel bullied and constantly stressed and moody. I’m hoping to get a new job but i just can’t get up the motivation to look, I’m guessing that means i don’t really need it but i so do. I have finally got my MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist) so that will get me in the good books of some employees, although i don’t think i want to be in the IT industry anymore. I just don’t know what i want to, i don’t know what i like and i don’t know where i wanna go in life.

The positive aspects of this year so far is Zoe is helping me get fit, we have been going to the gym loads, we are trying to at least go 4 times a week. I have signed up for getting Personal Training too so hopefully i’ll be fit and healthy quicker. I’ve been introduced to Zumba too, it’s AMAZING and so much fun, i’d love to keep this up for as long as possible.

Zoe has also been getting me into actually watching more things, i started watching Supernatural which is AWESOME, Dean is so hot, and also Glee which is fun. She’s been writing a blog called Let Zoe Spoil You you must all go have a look and read some of her reviews, they are awesome.

I want to post this for now i think, i’ll prob try and write something proper tomorrow if i get a chance, i’m going to go and play a little Zumba on my XBox now :p



A day in the life of me (Very uninteresting)

Is not so fun but meh

Today I went to work for 8am, sat at my desk for like an hour while reading BT emails, so technical and confusing.

Went for training now on assertive… well obviously that was wasted on me, how am I ever going to get the confidence to say NO if i’m constantly put down and just can’t seem to do anything for myself.

Sat in work for an hour then went for some lunch, Sushi whoooot……

Next went for a moving and handling course which was litterally along the line of this is how you pick up a box with nothing in it and how to pick up paper on a chair… very useful honest :s

That was the end of work, went into town with my cousin and had somthing to eat, came back and watched TV…

THAT IS MY DAY!!!!!!! why why why do i have no motivation to do ANYTHING AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH stressful!!!!!


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