I’ve been thinking alot recently

So i’ve been thinking a lot about things recently which isn’t always a good thing.

I have recently met up with an old friend of mine, Zoe. She has been amazing, she getting me to go to the gym pretty much every day, starting to eat healthier etc. She’s been an awesome influence over the past month and i’m extremely greatful.

Things with friends and events have not been so good. I am no longer on the Mianmi Committee (not really needed anymore) and i have also decided not to attend, mainly due to the money side of things, sadly without the committee i can’t afford to go next year. Some of my friends really haven’t been treating me right and i don’t think it’s fair having to put up with it every day which is why i started a fresh and i’m only keeping in contact with people i want to who i can depend on and they can depend on my too (i hope).

Ahh bored of writing at the moment, i’ll update this entry in abit

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