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July 2011, Yossy as part of the group hANGRY&ANGRY-f and Dream Morning Musume attended Japan Expo 2011 in Paris. This was a MUST. To see Yossy as herself and not her persona was a dream come true and thanks to really good friends all this was made possible.

May 2010, Yossy as part of the group hANGRY&ANGRY-f planned to do a European tour and as such I HAD to be there. I followed as much as I could starting in Berlin, then onto London and ending with Paris. This was one of the most amazing week ever, autograph sessions, concerts, getting so close, asking a question personally to Yossy and Rika…. it was just amazing.

October 2009, Yossy went to Chibi Japan Expo as hANGRY&ANGRY for their first appearance in Europe…. one thing on my mind… I HAD TO BE THERE

January 2007, Yossy announced her plans to graduate from Morning Musume (モーニング娘). This gave me the perfect opportunity to travel to Japan for the first time as well as to see my idol, Yossy, at her graduation concert.
Her graduation concert took place at Saitama Super Arena on Sunday May 6, 2007.


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