Whats new today?

I thought i’d post some pictures and write about them cos i can ^_^

Piccy Number 1 – This is my avatar. I picked this picture because I think Yossy is amazing and i nearly have an outfit like this. Thats what i’m basing my birthday party on and I want people to see how awesome she is too. I need an Angry…. any volunteers??

Piccy Number 2 – Yossy and her Guitar. As I said Yossy is awesome and has amazing style. She is learning the guitar which is something i’ve always wanted to do, i guess this is a reminder for me every time i look at it to pick up my guitar and have a go. I love Yossy’s fondness for hats, they are cool and suit her so well.

I think eventually when i get a chance and some motivation back, i’ll start to make my Yossy scrap book, i’ve got so much to put in it but just never seem to do anything about it. I’ll take some photos of that too ^_^

Darn… i’m going to have to stop writing again, my food has just arrived.. PIZZZZZZA <3



So whats this blog all about??

Well to be honest, I just don’t know O.o

I want to have this awesome blog with load of information about stuff, but i just don’t know what to write.

Any ideas would be muchly appreciated. I know it’s meant to be about expressing myself and stuff but i want an aim as well.

As you may all know Yoshizawa Hitomi is my idol so i want this blog to be just as much about her activities as well as mine, whether its as Yossy, Hangry, Gata player etc.

(This post is also to test that RSS feed works :p)


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