CDevil’s Idol Word Cup

So, I decided to take part in CDevil’s Idol World Cup, below is my team…

Idol World Cup

Why I chose my team, well…

  • Yossy – I HAD to have Yossy as my striker so that was an easy desision.
  • Massa – As for my captain, Sudou Maasa, i’m not sure, she’s cool ^-^ I guess she’s my 2nd fav Berryz girl, coulcn’t pick my fav as she was a mid-tier hehe.
  • Mako – I needed to have Ogawa Makoto as Yossy and Mako are awesome and make a great team
  • Tsuji – Tsuji was one of the original Gatas Goal Keepers, she’s also awesome :p
  • Kikka – Kikkawa Yuu was always my favourite in the 8th Generation auditions so wanted to put her in my team too.

As for the prizes…

-The Idol World Cup winner: Maasa was given Slovenia so i don’t think i’ll be winning that competition any time soon :p
(The Captain that has the country who wins the FIFA World Cup will also win the Idol World Cup.)
-The Golden Boot: Yossy was allocated England so thought i might be in with a small chance there until i watched the England vs. USA match… umm yeah haha, and again Slovenia…. ummm yeah good luck
(The Golden Boot is rewarded to the team that scores the most goals throughout the tournament.)
-The Golden Gloves: Same as above i think… good luck hehe.
(These are rewarded to the team that concedes the least amount of goals throughout the tournament.)

GOOD LUCK to everyone who has entered the Idol World Cup.


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